Bunion Correction (SCARF + AKIN) Surgery

Bunion is a painful bony bump that develops on the inside of the foot at the big toe joint. Bunions are a common deformity in our community. Significant pain or difficulty in finding comfortable footwear, are indications to consider surgery.

Mr Shalinder Sadiq uses Scarf +/- Akin procedure for correction of bunion deformity. This is one of the most advanced treatments available.

The procedure has 5 components and is performed through 2 cuts on your foot.

  1. Tight structures on opposite side of bunion are released
  2. The bunion is shaved
  3. Metatarsal bone is cut and adjusted to narrow the foot (Scarf osteotomy)
  4. The osteotomy is fixed with 2 screws
  5. In severe deformity a fine wafer of bone is removed from proximal phalanx (Akin osteotomy) and fixed with a screw or staple.

After your operation you are expected to stay overnight in the hospital. You can commence with heel weight bearing with the use of crutches, but we recommend elevation of foot and only toilet privileges for the first week after the operation. Mr Shalinder Sadiq will review you in 2 weeks after the operation. Heel weight bearing is recommended for period of six week after the operation.