Anterior Hip Replacement (DAA or AMIS)

Anterior hip replacement is a less invasive surgery, which allows approaching and replacing the hip from front (as apposed to side or back of the joint).

With this approach, the hip is replaced through a natural interval between muscles. The important muscles for hip function, the gluteal muscles that attach to the side and back of hip are left undisturbed. Prosthetic hip joint is inserted with the help of gentle leg manipulation and special instruments.

There may be advantages with regards to small incision, operative pain and mobility in first 6 weeks after surgery. While early recovery is important, the main focus is long term outcomes.

After your operation, we will help you to walk on the day of (or occasionally day after) surgery under guidance of a physiotherapist. Expected stay in hospital is usually 2-4 days. You might need a period of physiotherapy after your discharge from the hospital.

Mr Shalinder Sadiq will review you in his rooms 2 weeks after your operation. Subsequent follow up is 6 weeks after your operation. If you think something is not right, please see our page recovery after operation.

Mr Sadiq reviews his joint replacement patients every 12 months. Please contact us on 6234 7511 or email if you need assistance or feel something is not right.