Recovery after operation

Stay in hospital

You would be expected to stay in the hospital depending on the nature of your operation. A friendly physiotherapist will see you during stay in the hospital and give you advice and handouts regarding physiotherapy. You might need additional physical therapy after discharge from the hospital.

Return home and follow up

After your discharge from the hospital, Mr Sadiq will review you in his rooms at 2-3 weeks mark. As Mr Sadiq uses sub-dermal (dissolvable sutures below your skin), you would not need removal of sutures. There are occasions when skin suture or staples are indicated during your operation. If you have received sutures or staples on your skin Mr Sadiq will organize removal in 2 weeks time from the date of your operation.

Potential complications

If you are concerned about your progress after the operation please contact us. Any of the following could be indicative of complication. Please contact us or present to the Emergency Department if you experience any of these:

  • wound ooze or discharge
  • sudden increase in pain
  • feeling unwell
  • persistent fever
  • shortness of breath